L'Aprenenta, forma't per transformar

De l'1 al 5 de març arriba l'Aprenenta per formar-te i portar la comunicació del teu projecte un pas més enllà. De l'escriptura clara a la comunicació digital o el disseny feminista, compartirem la nostra expertesa i l'enriquirem amb la teva participació i exemples inspiradors. Descobreix els tallers de l'Aprenenta.

At l’Apòstrof, we use communication as a tool for changing society and promoting solidarity. That’s why we use part of our resources for social projects or for projects of our own, like the satirical, critical publication Illegal Times or the Crucrucru debates on communication and the Social and Solidarity Economy.

We love helping the cooperative ecosystem to grow. That’s why we’re part of the ECOS cooperative group, and why we participate in initiatives like the XES solidarity economy network, the Federation of Worker Cooperatives of Catalonia, Coop57, the Fiare project and Barcelona+Sostenible.

If you want to find out more about us, you can take a look at our Social Balance or our section on transparency.

What kind of image defines your project? What words should you use to present yourself to the world? How do you address your audience? Do you need a strategy for letting others know what you do? At l’Apòstrof, we’ve learned how to study, combine and transform different languages to help you find your own voice.

We believe in handcrafted communication, and we give you the tools you need to make this process your own. Whether you’re just starting a project and you’re not sure how to share it with others, you’re rethinking the way you communicate or you’re about to launch a new campaign, we’d like to accompany you, share our knowledge with you and keep on learning.

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