Campanya de sensibilització

Awareness campaign about cigarette butts on the public space

They are everywhere, but we don't even realize it. We talk about cigarette butts, a very harmful residue for both the environment and the health of people. Andròmines wanted to raise awareness about the need not to throw them into public space and, with this objective, he asked us for an awareness campaign that would conclude with a massive collection of cigarette butts: the "burillató".


Associació Social Andròmines

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At l’Apòstrof, we conceived a comprehensive campaign that was divided into 3 phases: reflection, information and action. We begin with the idea of ​​the motto “El carrer no és cendrer” (“the street is not an ashtray”, in English) and various messages to raise public awareness. We also take care of the graphic image.

In parallel, we developed the campaign’s communication plan and designed the social media and media strategy, executing the press office tasks and disseminating through networks both the previous preparation and mass collection.

The result? Although the event took place on a rainy and cold afternoon, almost thirty neighbors found that they were able to collect more than 15,000 cigarette butts, which will go to research on how to clean and reuse this material.

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