Ca l'abril cooperativa de cuidados

Collective ideation of the identity of Ca l’Abril

En Prenem Cura, promoted by Barcelona Activa and Pla de Barris, is a tailored program in social and collective entrepreneurship in the field of care economy. L’Apòstrof, as a partner of Labcoop, was responsible for accompanying the participants in this project in their communicative dimension.



Lloc web

2019 - 2020

The group of people who were part of the program was clear about creating a care cooperative that dignified the sector and we had the opportunity to be by their side from the start, offering them some tools and resources so they could find and communicate their essence in a participatory way.

How did we do it? The first action we carried out was the communicative DNA workshop to extract some ideas about the story, the graphic style, the values and the audiences to whom the future cooperative would talk. Based on the conclusions drawn from the workshop, we got to work to devise, first, the name of the cooperative. We wanted a name that denoted closeness, protection and tenderness, which moved away from the idea of decrepitude that often surrounds care companies for the elderly and evokes well-being and optimism. Brainstorm and we had it! Ca l’Abril, a name designed between l’Apòstrof and the cooperative itself, which could not be more successful.

Next, we had to think about the motto and build the cooperative’s story, in order to elaborate all the texts that would be part of the web and the communication materials. This motto had to be related to the name and we wanted it to be more symbolic than explanatory. Finally, we decided on All stages of life have part of spring, since it evoked very well the essence of the cooperative and the people who are part of it. While the communication team worked side by side with Ca l’Abril to prepare their story, the design team was responsible for devising the logo and the rest of the graphic materials for the cooperative, based on the conclusions of the DNA workshop.

disseny i programació web per a ca l'abril

Now we had all the necessary elements for the next step: the creation of the website. Our programmer, always in constant communication with the cooperative, opted for a single page site with vertical scrolling, where it will be very clear who they are, what services they offer and what their philosophy is, with a simple navigation format and with colors and fonts that make reading easier.

We also took care of designing all the physical materials they needed as a support to communicate their project: roll up, business cards, leaflets, posters … You just had to go out to the street and the digital world and start shouting from the roof tops that Ca l’Abril is here.

disseny entre abstracte i figuratiu per a ca l'abril

But this is not as easy as it seems. That is why l’Apòstrof’s last task is the communication advice; Some sessions to work together to develop the most appropriate communication strategy for the project, thinking about which are the most optimal channels to communicate what we do, in which social networks we want to be present and how we take advantage of the temporality or the events agenda.

For l’Apòstrof, working so transversally with projects such as Ca l’Abril is a challenge and a great satisfaction, and seeing how these proposals go abroad and become a real bet, makes sense of our work.