Creative and participatory communication training

Training businesswomen, social organizations, communications managers of municipal governments, cooperatives, foundations... in communication skills and do it in a creative and participatory way. This is one of the main focuses of the journalists at l’Apòstrof, who work to train people who want to communicate better: communicate with values, communicate in an original and innovative way, communicate hand in hand with citizens.


Barcelona Activa, Diputació de Barcelona, En Prenem Cures, La Marina Dona Empenta, LabCoop

We believe in continuous learning, in self-management, in the collective construction of knowledge and in sharing experiences, methodologies and materials. With this philosophy, we offer courses and workshops on creative and participatory communication, content strategy for the web and social media, SEO, and easy and inclusive language.

Since 2016, through ‘Lidera”, a Barcelona Activa program (formerly Escola de Dones) we have devised and coordinated training in digital communication for entrepreneurs women.

We are specialized in participatory communication and in providing tools to entities and administrations so that they can ensure that communication is everyone’s business. Along these lines, in 2019, we devised and wrote, with municipal communication and citizen participation technicians from all over the territory, a communication guide for citizen participation projects commissioned by the Barcelona Provincial Council.

Similarly, for years we have formed and accompanied a range of collectives in their process of becoming cooperatives through LabCoop.


The communicators of l’Apòstrof also give communication workshops to social organizations and cooperatives and to municipal technicians of the public administration.

Our knowledge is based on our day-to-day experience developing different communication projects for a wide base of clients. This Know-How allows us to design communication training adapted to the needs of each sector and organization, as well as incorporating inspiring examples.

On the other hand, from l’Apòstrof we also participate as teachers in training proposals for journalistic and literary writing at the School of Writing of Ateneu Barcelonès and in the Master of Literary Journalism of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

At l’Apòstrof we are convinced that well applied communication can make projects grow. Do you want us to help you find your communication path? Contact us.