‘Here, we’re working towards equality’

For March 8th, the City Council of Castelldefels wanted to raise awareness among its employees about gender inequality in our society. To do so, at l’Apòstrof we started by imagining how we could give a voice to the façades, walls, bathrooms and lifts of our main public buildings. Thus, the “Aquí treballem per la igualtat” (Here, we’re working towards equality) campaign was born.


Ajuntament de Castelldefels


This communicative project includes the creation of content and a direct critique using vinyl decals, infographics, merchandizing and booklets.

Anyone who visited City Council buildings during the campaign discovered why “being a woman is an obstacle course” with informative decals.

Of all the elements of the campaign, the messages on inappropriate behaviour in the workplace were especially noteworthy, along with the list of ten pieces of advice on eliminating discrimination in the workplace.