A guide to inclusive communication

In a joint project with Conexus, we advised the City Council of Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda on gender equality.


Ajuntament de Castelldefels , Ajuntament de Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda , Ajuntament del Prat de Llobregat

2017 - 2019

We put together a guide to inclusive communication in catalan for city council staff. This guide provides advice that goes beyond texts, even including guidelines for ensuring graphic communication isn’t sexist or discriminatory.

At l’Apòstrof, we believe that language is a reflection of the society that uses it; if our society is sexist and discriminates against certain groups, our language does, too. With this in mind, we take advantage of all the tools language provides us with for eliminating gender marks and stereotypes (as well as stereotypes involving things like ethnicity, religion or ideology) from texts. We use feminine forms, generic forms or double forms, collective nouns and neutral expressions, or we change pronouns and modify phrases whenever necessary.

We’ve also offered advice and training on communication and gender for other organizations, like the city councils of Castelldefels and El Prat de Llobregat.