Publications on the social and solidarity economy for the Barcelona Provincial Council

As experts in cooperatives and the social and solidarity economy, we’ve prepared a number of guides for Barcelona Provincial Council’s Technical office for Strategies for Economic Development. These guides are used by a wide range of administrations.


Oficina Tècnica d’Estratègies per al Desenvolupament Econòmic de la Diputació de Barcelona

2015 - 2019


Coauthors:   LabcoopJoan Manuel SánchezRubèn Suriñach

To date, we’ve prepared the following guides, often in collaboration with other experts from the social and solidarity economy: Guia d’economia social o solidària per a les administracions locals (Guide to the social or solidarity economy for local administrations), 21 propostes per mesurar l’economia social i solidària des dels ajuntaments (21 proposals for social and solidarity economic measures by municipal councils), Guia per mesurar l’economia social i solidària des dels ens locals (Guide for measuring the social and solidarity economy by local administrations) and Guia del mercat social (Guide to the social market).