Training in communication

Training businesswomen, social organizations, communications directors for organizations and municipal governments... in communication skills. This is one of the main focuses of the journalists at l’Apòstrof. We work on a range of projects that help others communicate more effectively. We believe in self-management, and we want to share our experience and expertise. That’s why we offer workshops and training sessions on storytelling, communication strategies, digital communication and values-based communication.


Barcelona Activa , En Prenem Cures , La Marina Dona Empenta , LabCoop

2016 - 2019

We’ve taught female entrepreneurs through Barcelona Activa’s School for Women, and we’ve trained a range of collectives in the process of becoming cooperatives through LabCoop.

The communicators at l’Apòstrof also offer communication workshops for members of social organizations and municipal employees. We believe that the more points of view we incorporate, the richer communication can become.