Traducció anglès Mobile Social Congress

Translations for the Mobile Social Congress

Setem Catalunya, organizer of Mobile Social Congress, commissioned us for the translation into english of  different texts and communicative elements such as the press release, the flyer, the event’s program and the dossier, among others. 



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The Mobile Social Congress is a meeting point to think about the current model of production and consumption of information and communication technologies. It appeared as an alternative to Mobile World Congress, the macroevent that overruns the city of Barcelona and that generates a global media impact around the technological news that are introduced.

But the media forget talking abou how these technologies are developed: with wich materials, by whom and under which conditions… The Mobile Social Congress seeks to fill this void and raise awareness of the effects of the frenzied development of technological industry.

For three days and under the motto “Per un model electrònic just” (For a fair electronic model), the event offers a program of talks, workshops and round tables on these issues with speakers from around the world.

Programa anglès Mobile Social Congress