Disseny i programació web per a projectes culturals a Barcelona

A website for Fabra i Coats

Putting together the website for a creative factory, doing so in collaboration with its resident artists, and respecting the philosophy behind a public facility that has become an emblem. With these basic tenets in mind, we dreamed up, designed and programmed the new website for Barcelona’s Fabra i Coats artistic space.


Institut de Cultura de Barcelona 

Lloc web

2017 - 2018

Disseny web per a equipaments culturals a Barcelona

This new website distils the essence of La Fabra: the desire to be a laboratory for constant creation under constant renovation.

Disseny web per a l'equipament artístic Fabra i Coats de Barcelona

The grid is the heart of our graphic proposal. It allows users to interact with the digital space and make it their own.

Web interactiva per al projecte cultural Fabra i Coats de Barcelona

The website design is also inspired by a musical stave: it’s a subtle homage to most of the artists inhabiting the space, who come from the field of sound.

Programació web per a projectes culturals de Barcelona